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On 12/05/2006, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) unveiled plans that envision a return to the moon
by 2020 and the construction of a rudimentary but permanent moon base by 2024.  This moon base will shelter space
travelers for months at a time and  can be expanded to sustain a generation of lunar explorers.  Such a base could also be
used as a springboard for human travel to Mars and even beyond.  This revelation is consistent with the hope expressed by
President Bush of renewed space exploration as an ambitious mission for NASA.  This vision is expected to face some stiff
technical and political obstacles, but sustained funding of the Return to the Moon project will enable America to once again
take the lead in breaking a new frontier in space science and aerospace engineering .   Return to the Moon promises
inspiration for humanity and provide focus for innovation and enterprise for a new generation.

WANGNEWS is pleased to present select photographs taken of displays in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington,
D.C. which commemorate the past accomplishments of NASA in the exploration of space.