Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved Charleston C. K. Wang, Esq., Publisher

After being barraged for weeks with
negative campaign ads, the American
People have spoken on 11/07/2006.  
And the People have given themselves
the victory.  Sure, winning politicians
are rejoicing too, and the losers and
their party advisors are analyzing the
numbers and thinking of the next
campaign - but the victory rightfully
belongs to those who reinvigorated
our democracy by voting.  The balance
of political power in America has
moved significantly towards the
center; the specter of domination by
one party has ended.  

Democracy works best with checks and
balances and this election has started
the movement towards the restoration
of the vision of the Founders  – a
system of government with three separate and independent branches* which
will keep vigil over each other and yet will conduct the People’s business with
civility and honor.  The People have also spoken on the underlying values which
dominated their minds as they cast their votes – discomfort over a war which no
longer makes sense and uncompromising opposition to corruption in
government.  The politicians are now expected to honor the will of the People
by working together to ensure that
the American People regain our position as the brilliant beacon of democracy
for the world to see and follow.  
An Opinion by Charleston C K Wang.

*To read reporting on the importance of an independent judicial branch, see this ABA Link.