On 02/28/2006, Jim Tarbell, Vice Mayor of the City of Cincinnati joined the Greater
Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce at Meier's Wine Cellars in Silverton for a
delightful evening of wine-tasting and tête-à-tête on economic development.
Beth Tu of E TU ASSOCIATES (second from left) boldly asks for the ear of Vice Mayor Jim while two members of GCCCC look on.
Vice Mayor Tarbell is hosted by Baisong Zhao, President of  GCCCC
who believes that together we bring changes.
Chris Smith (center of photo), the Ohio Governor's Economic Development
Advisor & Representative also had the opportunity to make his pitch to the
Photo Credit:  Charleston Wang
Mr. Alfonso Cornejo, President of the Hispanic
Chamber Cincinnati USA is welcomed by
Baisong Zhao.
Mr. Michael Beck and Mr. John Lovro are
pleased to be part of the meeting.
Mr. Alfonso Cornejo of the Hispanic Chamber
Cincinnati USA addresses GCCCC meeting.
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